Median Home Price San Diego is on the rise!

If you’re looking to sell your home in San Diego, now is the time!

In November the new national statistics on home sales were released and the results were, well they were expected. Home prices have been steadily climbing upwards for all of 2016, November saw a 5.5% increase in home prices over October. Prices now stand at an all-time high! What does that mean for median home prices in San Diego? It means that median home prices san diego have reached $500,000! That is half a million dollars! It has been about a decade since we have seen the median home price San Diego this high!
What is causing the median home price San Diego to change? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into these calculations but to put it simply, low inventory and HIGH demand. Buyers are looking to move to San Diego and sellers are looking to stay here. In October there were only 256 new home sales in San Diego County but that number is up 20% from the previous year!
If you’re a seller looking to sell your house fast to get into something new or move to another area now might just be the time! The median home price in San Diego isn’t the only one to jump, we are seeing this trend across the nation as Americans are looking to buy!
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